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Retaj is proud to find solutions for all segments of society in real estate ownership, and has been honored to serve thousands of customers over 18 years, in which we have enjoyed the satisfaction of many customers… Our happiness is complete when they own their property that suits their needs within the budget. Retaj plays as a real estate broker the link between the owner and the buyer with the aim of facilitating the contracting process between the two parties to refresh the real estate market, in addition to contributing in price stability in case of using real estate appraisal experts from our experienced team



“As a first-time home buyer, the Sales Team in Retaj made the process extremely easy. They always made sure I understood everything that was going on and were willing to work around my schedule and they were always there if needed. I would recommend Retaj to anyone who needs to buy or sell a property.”
by Hajer Tawfiq
“Me and My Wife are Truly thankful that we picked Retaj to find our dream home in the pearl area. The sales team is very professional, and they have a deep knowledge of the process at its finest. We could not be happier. Thank you!”
by Eric Peterson
“My Experience with Retaj while I was Renting my new office place was great, I explained what I wanted, and the sales team handled it very professionally. They knew exactly how to help me through the process. I would recommend Retaj to anyone who is buying or selling a property. Retaj is a trustworthy name, and the sales team are always available day or night to answer any questions. Thank you for helping me.”
by Andre Gabriel

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